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Is your small business website a digital accessibility lawsuit magnet?

Take a proactive approach to find and fix digital accessibility issues that leave your business open to lawsuits.

Small Businesses Are Big Targets for Digital Accessibility Lawsuits

Small businesses are increasingly targeted for digital accessibility lawsuits. In 2022, over 2,500 lawsuits were filed in the U.S. alone. In 2023, the number of lawsuits was over 4,600.By ensuring your website is compliant, you can avoid expensive legal battles. In fact, this course could save you $25,000 or more.

Your small business can avoid costly lawsuits with the help of The Essential Website Accessibility Review Course

What You'll Learn

For each accessibility barrier, our training covers:Why it is a problem: Understand the impact on user experience and potential legal consequences.Who it impacts: Learn about the types of disabilities affected, including temporary impairments, and how these barriers create challenges for users.Relevant WCAG guidelines: Get a clear understanding of the specific WCAG 2.2 criteria that apply to each barrier and why compliance is crucial.Practical assessment methods: Learn step-by-step exercises to assess your website’s accessibility.Creating a plan: Get actionable instructions on how to address and fix each barrier to improve accessibility.

Course Overview

As a small business owner, you already know it's important to make your website accessible to everyone, including the 20% of the population who live with disabilities, because it's just good business.In this Essential Website Accessibility Review course, you'll learn how to identify and fix the most common accessibility barriers that often trigger digital accessibility lawsuits.This course is designed to equip you with the essential information and tools to assess–and improve–your website’s accessibility, ensuring compliance with WCAG 2.2 standards.

What's Covered

• Insufficient Color Contrast
• Lack of Text Alternatives
• Missing or Ineffective Captioning
• Website Not Mobile Responsive
• Inadequate Keyboard Accessibility
• Using Color Alone to Convey Information
• Inconsistent Navigation Elements
• Complex and Dynamic Content
• Inaccessible Forms
• Text Clarity and Readability
• Inaccessible Documents

Completing this course will help you

Identify and Understand Accessibility Barriers

You'll recognize the most common accessibility issues that affect your website’s usability and customer experience.

Perform a Practical Website Assessment

You'll learn to use practical methods and free tools to evaluate your website’s accessibility status.

Analyze Automated Reports

You'll be able to interpret and act on accessibility reports generated by automated tools.

Implement Effective Solutions

You will be able to devise and execute plans to resolve common digital accessibility problems.

what small business owners should know about digital accessibility

Why Small Business Owners Should Take This Course

Market Reach: Around 1 billion people worldwide live with disabilities. Making your website accessible can expand your potential customer base by up to 15%.SEO Benefits: Accessibility improvements can enhance your search engine rankings, leading to increased organic traffic.User Experience: Accessible websites provide a better experience for all users, not just those with disabilities. This can lead to higher customer satisfaction and retention rates.Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Showing a commitment to accessibility demonstrates that your business values inclusivity and diversity, boosting your brand reputation and customer loyalty.Economic Impact: The spending power of people with disabilities and their families is estimated at over $8 trillion globally. By making your website accessible, you tap into this significant market. The United Census Bureau claims 1 in 5 Americans live with a disability.• 8.1 million people have difficulty seeing
• 2.0 million are completely blind
• 7.6 million have difficulty hearing
• 19.9 million people find it difficult to grasp objects (Mouse, Keyboard)
• 2.4 million suffer with Alzheimer’s disease, senility or dementia
• 2.8 million suffer with epilepsy
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Course Instructor

Maigen Thomas is the Founder of Level 11 Technology, an Apprenticeship Agency. She brings 10+ years of experience in enterprise software SaaS product design and a background in full-stack development to her UX and Gamification Design Consulting. Maigen taught 3 cohorts of the UX/UI Design Bootcamp at UC Berkeley and wrote the $1m flagship UX/UI Design curriculum. Follow her on LinkedIn or join the MaigenUX Patreon for exclusive access to quests (with cash prizes!), professional mentorship and motivation, and Accessibility and Usability learning content.

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